Your Benefits

What are the benefits?

On-time delivery of Project via Supplier Monitoring & Reporting

Travel times and travel costs for the project team are significantly reduced. Unpleasant surprises are eliminated or identified and addressed at an earlier stage. Deadlines are met or delays are made transparent and solutions for deviations are worked out on site in a team with customers and suppliers. This will limit the requirement to have the project team on-site during design reviews or the execution phase of the machine build or any other milestones defined in the project plan.

Our supplier monitoring covers all phases of the production process and enables you to:

  • save money and sleep peacefully
  • keep your project up to date with regular status reports tailored to your specific needs
  • identify areas that could potentially cause delays by independently evaluating your suppliers’ delivery promises and having all aspects of their scheduling examined at all stages of the production process.
  • compile important information for your decisions so that you can make your project a success.
  • evaluate suppliers and their production plans within days. We have the necessary competence, knowledge and diplomatic skills to ensure that your project information is always up to date and that the project runs smoothly.
  • accompany the project from the placing of the order to the execution of the preliminary acceptance at the supplier. The accompaniment takes place on site at the manufacturer in the packaging plant.
  • If necessary, we will work out countermeasures together with you and the supplier so that the project goals are achieved again or the disturbing influences are minimized.
  • Preparation of the plant up to the Pre-FAT, in idle mode without original product, including the execution of the Pre-FAT, based on previously agreed protocols, as well as notification or confirmation of the readiness for the FAT by your project team.
  • Review of the documentation on the basis of URS, FDS and MDS.
  • In case of disagreements we help mediate between both parties to achieve an optimal result for both sides.

Together we create sustainable value!

Every successful project starts with the first step.