UK based Pharma Company


Compensate 4 weeks project delay on Eye Drop Line.


Bring Track record well below average up to acceptable level in short time by determine causes for delays on delivery as well as parts made not meeting specs.


Lead time of 6 month was agreed and confirmed when order was placed.

3 months prior to delivery date a gap of 4 weeks was detected because of a communication mishap between a sub-supplier and the vendor. Reason: An important design change was not communicated to the sub-supplier in time. A slight change in the Eye Drop Container during the design review was not communicated to the sub-supplier which caused a redesign of the tools at a very late date in the project putting the time line at risk.

As the launch date of the product could not be postponed and the customer had no time to solve this issue with his own resources BD&E was asked to rush in and solve it.


  1. Meeting with vendor and sub-supplier at sub-supplier’s facility to           understand the challenge faced in great detail.
  2. Provide a list with possibilities available under consideration of time gained and money spent.
  3. WebEx meeting to get a joint agreement and to decision and to implement next steps.
  4. Visit sub-supplier two times in Karlsruhe, Germany to check on progress against the dates agreed upon.
  5. Visit vendor three times to check on measures taken at vendor’s place in parallel to improve schedule on his side too.

Each step reported in written form to the customer.


With a negligible further change of the eye drop container shape the sub-supplier of the ultra-sonic sealing unite was able to shorten the delay to 2 weeks with no additional cost involved.

Changing the vendor’s workflow on assembly process and also implementing a second team to work in parallel the gap was closed and the delivery date was kept.

Money spent:

BD&EMeetings with vendor and sub-supplier (0,5 day prep., 1 day meeting, 0,5 day elaboration/report)2 Days
Vendor:Second team on the assembly floor plus overtime (at vendor’s expense)appr.10 Days
Money at RiskTime to market

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