International Incontinence Care Company


Follow up on Vendor Site during final assembly.
Getting the true picture by challenging progress reports.


12 weeks prior to pre-FAT


  1. Clarification of customers expectation by Skype meeting.
  2. Review of URS,PO,OC and technical clarifications of open issues.
  3. Set dates for visits at Vendor’s site.
  4. Setting up communication channels and reporting method.
  5. Review of documentation requested and available.
  6. Preparation of final report.
  7. Hand-over of final report for FAT preparation


Estimated 12 working days in this 3 months period. Actually used 14 days because start-up and reporting was more time consuming than anticipated.

Project was on-time with no delays. Small issues popping up during the visits where rectified quick. Larger ones where addressed to the management on site and corrected in due time without causing any bad feeling on either side.

No travel time necessary. Supplier in the same County as BD&E.


Billed : € 13.150, –.

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