Who are we?

We are experts and insiders in the packaging industry.

We have held many senior positions in the packaging industry and have over 75 years’ experience working for many of the major international production and research-led packaging engineering companies based across Europe (Optima, Sortimat, B&S, Bosch etc.).

We are specialists in the packaging machinery sector and know the relevant topics and potential pitfalls and hiccups from our own personal experience.

Our founding member, Mr. Jürgen Schäfer, was managing director of a leading manufacturer of packaging machines for nearly 30 years and brings extensive, hands-on insider knowledge of the industry.

All our consultants have insider experience from the industry and together make for a formidable team of hands-on specialists with many contacts in the machine and associated sub-supplier networks.

Where we work!

Across the Pharma, Medtech and IVD packaging industry.

Industrial sectors covered are mainly the pharmaceutical, Medtech and IVD sectors. Specifically, in aseptic, non-aseptic, assembly and final packaging capital equipment.

We are based close to many of the major European supplier networks for production and automation packaging machinery e.g. packaging valley in Germany (Stuttgart to Nuremburg). Many of the major international production machinery companies are family companies with cluste rs in Central Germany, Northern Italy and in the Midlands, UK.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to keep your turnkey, capital equipment projects on-time by order tracking, visits and conflict resolution in the name-off and on behalf of you the customer, at supplier sites.

Reduced and/or no more unpleasant surprises in the course of the project from an extended supply-chain due to lack of hands-on supplier Expeditor support.