Local Parts Manufacturer


Loosing preferred Vendor status for major client


Bring Track record well below average up to acceptable level in short time by determine causes for delays on delivery as well as parts made not meeting specs.


One year Tracking Reports to be analyzed within one months and to develop road map to get back on track


  1. Checking track records in close collaboration with parts manufacturer.
  2. Determine causes for delays and quality issues.
  3. Install rigid quality gates inside the organization together with the work force.
  4. Check internal work procedures and implement strict CAM workflow.
  5. Chair internal production meetings with the workforce on a daily basis. Determine together every morning the priorities of the day and check the performance of the day before and difficulties encountered.
  6. Check improvements on quality and deliveries and communicate positive results internally as well as failures.


In very short time (3months) it was possible to increase the quality level from 89% to 95%. The level of complains was reduced from 13,1% down to 4% with the goal to be down at 2% by the end of 2020.
Meeting deliveries was increased from 93% to 96%.
Received preferred vendor status for 2020

Money spent:

Flat fee arrangement for the first month.
Agreed to be payed according to the results on the improvements achieved for each additional percent after first month results are available in writing.

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