BD & E
The Project Expeditor

We provide the missing link between Buyer and Seller

BD & E
The Project Expeditor

We provide the missing link between Buyer and Seller

Experience, Competence, Knowledge and Diplomatic Skills ensure that your project stays on schedule

Together we create sustainable value!

Every successful project starts with the first step.

How to make your project a success

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In a first interview we determine the current status of your project. Together, we elaborate the questions for which solutions are needed and additionally define KPI´s to be evaluated during the project.

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Based on the these specific challenges, we will work out a concrete action plan to tackle the identified potentials in a most time- and cost-efficient manner.

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As a hands-on consultancy, we actively support your company in the implementation process and take all necessary steps to achieve high-quality results within the timeframe.

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Depending on the scope of the project, the first results should be visible within a few days or weeks. Together, we will develop scalable processes and reporting mechanisms which enable real-time monitoring.


Simply to improve your chances of success!

Our Expertise

Expediting Service

Working on your behalf
Minimize the time you are away from home
Be close to the supplier’s site

Our goals

On-time delivery of Project via Supplier monitoring & reporting

Regular status reports
Identify areas of potential delays
Supplier evaluation
Preparation of Pre-FAT
Review of documentation

Your benefits

We are Experts and insiders in the packaging Industry.

More than 75 years of Experience
Pharma, Medtech and IVD packaging industry
Located in the ” Packaging Valley ” of Germany

Who are we ?

The Process

Determination of reporting sequences and reporting scope
Determination of communication channels and the timeline
Monitoring schedule, critical paths and work process
Help to meet your Project goals

Our offer

Together we create sustainable value!

Every successful project starts with the first step.


Jürgen Schäfer

Jürgen Schäfer


Over 40 years of experience in various management positions with leading machine suppliers for the packaging industry allows Juergen to understand very quickly the challenges a project might face and to begin activities to correct them.

Dr. Dale Charlton

Dr. Dale Charlton

Managing Partner, Co-Founder

I have a comprehensive overview of the entire pharmaceutical drug development life-cycle. Being an accomplished Communicator & Project Manager with a strong analytical mind for problem solving. In  commercial business management within the automation, pharma Fill / Finish and CMO industries I have a lot of experience too.
Michael Gritzbach

Michael Gritzbach

Managing Partner, Co-Founder

Thanks to my wide-ranging technical and business skills and over 30 years of experience in the production and packaging of hygiene, medical and pharmaceutical products, I am able to expertly assist you with your project challenges.

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